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Rotaract Club of NITK is one of the six exclusive clubs of the institute as well as the sole socio-cultural club.Rotaract NITK is a student subsidiary of Rotary International District 3180. In line with the parent organization’s motto of “Service above Self”, the club aims to provide humanitarian services and help build goodwill, and members of the club endeavor to fulfill its objectives by being part of several socio-cultural projects.

Every year since 2012, Rotaract Club organizes a Charity Play during the Even Semester, the proceeds of which are used for the benefit of the underprivileged. Script selection, stage design, auditions, direction, sound and display executions are all performed by the members of the club, along with members of Literary, Stage and Debating Society. From “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” to “Death by Design”, these plays have focused on different genres such as drama, comedy and mystery. In the year 2015, the club was able to raise approximately Rs. 81,000 through ticket sales alone! The proceeds of the play were donated to the KREC Kannada Medium government aided school. Similarly, in 2014 the proceeds of the play were donated to the Rotary Mother and Child, Deaf and Dumb School in Surathkal.

‘Play On’, funnily enough, showcases the journey of a comically diverse theatre troupe, desperately trying to put on a play overseen by an exasperated director, further perplexed by a fickle-minded and haughty playwright. There's a saying in the theatre that disastrous late rehearsals make for a great opening night and ‘Play On’ is just about how that saying is not necessarily always right.

This year, through the play “Play On”, Rotaract Club hopes to raise a significant amount of money through ticket sales as well as sponsors, the proceeds of which shall be directed to The NITK Kannada Medium School as well as The Roman and Catherine Lobo’s School For The Blind, run by the Seva Bharathi NGO, Mangalore, INDIA.

The Roman and Catherine Lobo's School is a residential institution, run entirely on donations, has 60 students studying from class 1-10. The students are taught free of charge and the teachers are paid from the funds received through donations. The children live largely on the good will of patrons and the public. Rotaract Club plans to help the school by paying for their electricity bills and contributing to their funds to provide them with nutritious meals. We also intend on providing them with Braille books and teaching aids so that the children can have a better learning experience.

The NITK Kannada medium school is a state government funded educational institution situated in the NITK campus. A good proportion of the students who study here belong to under privileged families. With the funds raised from the Annual Play, Rotaract Club plans to buy uniforms for the poorer of the kids. We will also be fixing the blackboards, coolers and other essential equipment.